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Rudiment Class

Becoming confident with your rudiments, hand speed and coordination is important for all drummers, regardless of the type of music you play.

Practicing rudiments in a group setting is a fantastic way to keep you motivated and speed up your progress.

Join Ben either in person or online via Google Meets. Lessons cover hand technique, specific rudiments, sticking combinations and application on the drum kit.

Upcoming class dates:

7.00-7.45pm at Burleigh Underground Drummers (BUD)

  • 1 October

  • 15 October

  • 29 October

  • 12 November

  • 26 November

Make an account with Drumlab to have the lesson exercises emailed to you prior to each lesson.

How to join:

  • In person: If you are joining us in person at BUD, simply bring $15 along to the class.

  • Online: You will need the Google Meets app for your phone or a webcam for your computer.

    • Pay for the class by clicking the button below ($10.00). You will be emailed an invite for the Google Meets rudiment class.

    • Click the Google Meets invite link to join the class.

*Please note that while every effort is made to ensure the online connection is adequate for lesson streaming, there are many variables that can affect the quality of the live stream. These include the type of computer or phone you are using, the strength of your internet connection and how many people are using Google Meets whilst the class is running. Online streaming services usually recommend 1.5Mbps download speeds or there is a possibility there may be some lag or bandwidth issues. This has been factored into the pricing. Refunds cannot be made for a poor connection.

Free Rudiment Class Downloads

Class One - 6th August 2020

Class Two - 20th August 2020

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