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Foundations for Drummers - eBook

Foundations for Drummers - eBook


This book has been written for drummers who wish to not only learn to play, but to understand their craft.

For drummers to become sound musicians, it is imperative for them to understand what it is they are playing. Their knowledge needs to stretch further than basic grooves and fills to encompass reading and writing music, playing in a variety of musical styles, and the art of improvisation. Playing drums is one aspect of musicianship; knowledge and understanding is another. 

A musician who knows the foundations of their instrument and music in general will always have faster progress in their learning and be a more valuable contribution to any ensemble. Therefore, the solos within this book are accompanied by a variety of exercises and lessons to provide you with a foundation of understanding before performing.

Use this book to develop your technical and creative skills on drums alongside your practice and performance with other musicians. Internalising the lessons taught within these pages will help prepare you for lifelong learning on one of the world’s greatest instruments.

Remember, above all else, have fun!

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