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Track the progress of your rudiments with this free template.

This template will allow you to visualise the progress for your singles, doubles and paradiddles. Simply input the speeds of your rudiments, played as 16th notes with a metronome for one minute, into the boxes. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate and chart your progress over time.

The boxes marked with an "X" are suggested practice days. It will allow you to build your tolerance over time. However, it is ultimately up to you how you choose to structure your programming and the template has the flexibility for you to adapt as needed.

By the end of the 8 week training period, the template will tell you the percentage change in your rudiments from day one. You can either repeat the process with the same rudiments, or choose new rudiments to practice.

"Foundations for Drummers" Ebook Sample

Click the download button to access four pages from chapter 3 of "Foundations for Drummers."

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